1. Someday

From the recording Nation of Immigrants (Album)

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Produced by Tone Jonez, “Someday” is inspired by and dedicated to Bishop’s mother, Nancy Ruth Jones, who passed on Sunday, February 6, 2022. The first few bars of Verse 1, “Separated on Earth, We’ve been together since birth, I’m missing you more in your death, and every day I feel cursed”, speaks directly to the profound impact of her passing. The songwriter and performer notes that this was the most difficult song composition that he has ever written and performed because of the painful correlation between loving and losing someone of such an impactful presence and significance. In Verse 2, Bishop depicts the same unavoidable fate that his young son, Seth, Jr., will one day face when he has to go through growing pains after his passing. “Death is unavoidable, but by embracing the brevity of life, the hope is that you will find your reason for being and fulfill your purpose before your time is up”.



Verse 1 (Loss) -
1 Separated on earth;
We’ve been together since birth;
2 Missing you more in your death; and
Everyday I feel cursed;
3 Society won’t allow me to grief;
4 Pushing profit and greed;
5 Reducing my circle, to those;
Who wanna ride wit me
6 Unconditional Love;
Need of a spiritual hug;
7 Unbreakable bond between mother and son
8 In perpetuity, God knew it would be, it’s so immaculate
9 Conception metamorphic transformation, can be challenging
10 Founded on indigenous customs, African heritage
11 Colonizers actions and words are so disparaging
12 Lose the color of life, through broom marriages
13 Separating the Groom, from the Bride, from the kids, through locked carriages
14 As the world turns, so does narratives
15 From the womb, to the tomb
Until we’re exhumed and claim damages
16 The analysis, causing oratory paralysis
17 Suppressing the message cause the theme is analogous


Verse 2 (Hope & Redemption) -
1 Granted life through servitude and that’s written,
2 Blessed with Overflow, and want mo’ but still sinnin’
3 Worked my whole life, to a find wife, and have children …
4 Expiration date is unknown, but still livin’ …
5 Let me unpack that thought, do I really gotta leave?
6 What’s the point of building a family, if I gotta leave?
7 In reality, one day, my son will bury me
8 Death is at our front door either calling on her or me
9 Can I see, who he’ll grow to be, if I pay a fee?
10 Grace, .. honor, and glory to God as I take a knee
11 Imputing criminality to fill these vacancies
12 Due to the system’s inability to function properly
13 incarcerated labor instead of slave property
14 retrofitted descriptively known as state property
15 the state and private industry continues profiting
16 until the nation decides to stop exploiting human beings